GEOGRAPHIA restaurant starts the new year with a reward for all travel lovers

The restaurant, inspired by the cuisine of Portuguese-speaking countries across the four continents, is now launching an initiative that promises to reward those with a traveler’s soul and a passport that proves it.

Thus, in these first two months of the year, GEOGRAPHIA invites all adventurers around the world to stop at 1 Rua do Conde Street and bring their passport with them to enjoy a meal discount.

The discount percentage corresponds to the total number of passport stamps, ie those who have visited twenty countries will have a twenty percent discount on a meal for two.

The “Portuguese speaking” food restaurant has a new Lusophone-inspired menu featuring traditional dishes and ingredients from countries such as Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Goa, Macau, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Timor. Among them, “Guinea-Bissau-style fish moqueca”, “Codfish and manioc pastries with malandrinho fish rice” and “Goat and cream cheese cheesecake with guava and Maria biscuit”.

GEOGRAPHIA also has a new tasting menu “Dos 4 continentes”, to be shared throughout the table, which includes, among many others, the Brazilian classic “Escondidinho de cassava puree with shrimp and homemade catupiry cheese”, the Asian “Pato do Pearl River with oyster sauce and chau-chau rice ”and“ São Tomé chocolate mousse with its salami ”.

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