Geographia Restaurant: Travelers Dinner – December 12

The next Geographia Travelers Dinner, scheduled for December 12, will feature Isabel Saldanha, writer, photographer and travel lover, who describes herself as’ bohemian, hedonistic, who changes the monotony of the couch for a collective drought is enough for that, that is outside and has good wine ».


Geographia’s proposal for Thursday night will be centered on Armenia, the mountainous region in Eurasia, situated between the Black Sea and the Caspian and cradle of what is considered the oldest cathedral in the world.


As expected, the dinner menu was designed with inspiration from the most traditional Armenian dishes and ingredients, starting with the typical meatball soup and culminating with baclava, the iconic pastry with dried fruit paste. So, this edition of Travelers Dinner promises to take every guest on an epic journey of first-person storytelling and living.

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