Geographia Restaurant with Travelers Dinner January 21st

The next Geographia Travelers’ Dinner is already scheduled and so, on 21st January, at 8.30 pm, Marta Durán will share with her guests the most unusual adventures she has experienced while traveling the world on a ride.


The author of the blog “Boleias da Marta” is only 24 years old and has visited more than 32 countries and collected 310 more rides, for a total of over 800 days in travel. He has traveled across four continents and made his mark in countries such as Mozambique, Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau, where he has completed international missions and volunteer programs or Nepal, where he lived for 5 months and taught Portuguese. The born traveler started asking for a ride because it was economical and then continued with the amazing people she met along the way.


In honor of the places visited by this young woman, the special dinner menu at Rua do Conde No. 1 will consist of a traditional Guinea-Bissau “Pitche patche” oyster soup and Pastel de Milho, one of the typical delicacies. of the islands of Cape Verde. The main course is one of the most iconic recipes of Guinean cuisine, Caldo de Mancarra with Bagique and Nhekem, made from chicken, peanuts and spinach. Finally, typical desserts of Cape Verdean gastronomy will be served, as well as the emblematic grog, a sugar cane brandy.


The first 2020 edition of the Travelers Dinner begins with the incredible testimony of those who go “to the end of the world” with just one finger stretch, which implies a great deal of patience and determination.

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