German police officer filmed in Lisbon today in prime time

The third episode of ‘Lissabon Krimi’, a series shot in the Portuguese capital, screened and co-produced by the German public television ARD, is broadcast today in the first channel, prime time.

The police officer, who has a technical and artistic team made up of Portuguese and Germans, took advantage of the cash rebate program, the new financial incentive for the production and filming that allowed the producer to run the 3rd and 4th episode of the series.

Each episode lasts 90 minutes and is always different stories surrounding a crime.

There is the character of a detective (Eduardo Silva) who is played by the German actor, Jürgen Tarrach, accompanied in the investigation by a German actress, Vidina Popov (Marcia Amaya, in the series). the episode has its own story, “explains Patrícia Severino, cultural advisor to the Portuguese Embassy in Germany.

The first two episodes of “Lissabon Krimi” were issued a year ago, in March 2018. “At the time it was not known if the series would continue, it would depend on the success with the spectators,” says Patricia Severino, stressing that the positive Germans made it possible for the police officer to continue.

There will be at least four more episodes, in addition to these four, which have already been filmed, which will be filmed in Lisbon,” said the cultural advisor to the Portuguese Embassy in Germany, stressing that the ‘cash rebate’ also played a key role.

The incentive to film and audiovisual production and capture of footage in national territory is one of the programs provided for in the Support Fund for Tourism and Cinema that started in June 2018. The annual allocation of this incentive is 12 million euros, million in the first year.

ARD has an average of four million spectators, which makes it an excellent stage for the city of Lisbon“, he emphasizes.

The third episode of the series ‘Lissabon Krimi’ is broadcast today at 8:15 p.m. in the ARD.

Der Lissabon-Krimi: Der Tote in der Brandung

Eduardo, ein abgehalfterter Rechtsanwalt (Jürgen Tarrach), und seine neue Assistentin Marcia (Vidina Popov) finden heraus, dass ihr Mordopfer ein Doppelleben führte und in mafiösen Medikamentenhandel verstrickt war. "Der Lissabon-Krimi" um 20:15 Uhr im Ersten:

Publicado por Das Erste em Quinta-feira, 5 de abril de 2018


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