“Gin” by Entre Aspas available today

The return of Entre Aspas took place in January with a new version of the hit single “Criatura da Noite 2023”.

6 months later, the Algarve band released Gin, a single that had been kept secret for over 20 years! 20 years? Exactly. Nothing like reading Viviane’s explanation “this song was composed in the summer of 2003 in the Algarve inspired by a cold glass of Gin and a poem by our friend and writer Fernando Cabrita. The story of the song obviously revolves around Gin and tells the story of two people who are alone and who end up meeting and getting to know each other thanks to the fact that they are drinking a gin at night somewhere.” If there is a single coming out, can we assume there will also be an album? Viviane responds “this song is part of an album that was ready to be edited 20 years ago and that, due to the band’s suspension at the time, ended up not being released.”

But the return of Entre Aspas to the active is not just about publishing new songs. Viviane tells us everything “yes it’s true! This year, to celebrate these 30 years, in addition to several concerts already scheduled, we decided to edit this album of original songs that ended up not being released for 20 years and we are also preparing a documentary about the career of Entre Aspas”.

As for this unexpected return of Entre Aspas to the world of Pop music made in Portugal, Tó Viegas explains that “This is only a temporary return as we all have our individual projects. However, our friendship and good relationship made us want a lot to celebrate 30 years of career since the release of our first album and return to play and share our songs live with our audience”.

We took the opportunity to ask the third element of Entre Aspas, Nuno Filhó, what kind of reactions they had to the new “Creature of the Night 2023”. The bassist answers us that “reactions to this version were all positive. People were very surprised with the return of this new Creature of the Night which was known as the song that saved the dance floors in the 90s because it implicitly has a beat contagious and a good vibe that even today makes it continue to be one of the greatest hits of Portuguese music”.

Dates already confirmed:
21 July – Faro Motard Rally
15 August – Santa Maria – Azores
03 September – Leitão Festival – Águeda

Gin will be available on digital platforms on June 23rd.

Studio discography
1993 – “Entre S.F.F.” (BMG)
1995 – “Lollipop” (BMG)
1997 – “Edelweiss” (BMG)
1999 – “Loja de Sonhos” (BMG)

2001 – “www. entreaspasaovivo .com” (Acoustic) (BMG)

2013 “Best of 20 years” (Sony Music Entertainment Portugal) with DVD

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