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Gio Lourenço exhibits ‘A Preta’ at the Venice Biennale of Architecture

This participation by Gio Lourenço, born in Angola in 1987, who came to Portugal as a child in the 1990s, resulted from an invitation by the Dutch architect Afaina de Jong, whose creative studio, Afarai, based in Amsterdam, works in the areas of design strategy.

“A Preta”, based on the memories of Gio Lourenço when he was a child and lived in the Bairro do Fim do Mundo, in Cascais, closes an intense experience of the artist, who had to travel daily between home and school, facing, on this route , a fearsome black bitch.

The Netherlands Pavilion project, installed in the Giardini, is entitled “Who is We?”, Curated by Guus Beumer, director of the Het Nieuwe Institute, curated by Francien van Westrenen, from the same institute, and those responsible for the project exhibitions are Afaina de Jong and Debra Solomon.

Among the works included in the exhibition project of the Netherlands Pavilion, at the Bienal, will be “A Preta”, not in live performance, but in video.

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