Gisela João filled the Seixal bay with her talent

Summer Concerts - Seixal

Gisela João illuminated the Seixal bay with her friendliness, music and talent for the last night of the Summer Concerts in Seixal for a fantastic night for those who attended at Quinta dos Franceses Park.

The Summer Concerts at Quinta dos Franceses Park took place in Seixal, with a fantastic view over the bay of Seixal and the Ferris wheel that this year featured Deejay Telio, the fantastic Anjos and Matias Damásio, Homage to Michael Jackson by Colégio Atlântico with Bruno Correia and for the last night the incomparable Gisela João.

Gisela João visibly moved by her return to the stage, she even had difficulty in explaining what she felt, “In the last year and a half, I’ve been upset with the music, I don’t feel like singing, even this afternoon she said – I don’t feel like anything – but then I get here and… thank you so much for inviting me to come to Seixal“.

It was in this climate of great emotion and joy that Gisela João shared her songs with the public, such as “Fado Para Esta Noite” by Ferrer Trindade and “Sr. Extraterrestre” by Carlos Paião, which the audience responded with much applause and accompanying always a fado singer.

This was followed by an instrumental theme interpreted by musicians accompanying Gisela João, Marco Pombinho on keys, Nelson Aleixo on classical guitar, Frederico Gato on bass, Ricardo Parreira on the Portuguese guitar.

From her new album “Aurora“, which should have been released in 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic, she sang “Não fico para dormir” with lyrics by José Fialho Gouveia, fado that says a lot to Gisela João, as it speaks of someone who as she, is on the road doing concerts and often cannot stay home to sleep.

The singer from Barcelos, then went through the Minho folklore with “Viras e Milhões” a mixture of several traditional songs, with which she got the audience singing and clapping, which served to warm up on this cold summer night. After breaking the lineup, she sings by Beatriz da Conceição, one of her favorite fado singers, she sings “Voltas-te” from her first album “Gisela João” and also “Lá Na Minha Aldeia” by Alberto Janes.

Still young someone sang “A Louca” by Marco Pombinho and which speaks of women and Gisela João mentions that when she heard the song, she connected the music to women she knew, mother, grandmother, friends, women she passed by on the street, “ it’s very easy to call women crazy, crazy, hysterical” and that “men try to understand women instead of calling them crazy“.

And to come to the end she thanks the audience and the invitation to be at Seixal, she sings “Bailarico Saloio” a song that is an invitation to dance, but unfortunately, it is necessary to maintain social distance, but the audience did not let her go, clapping her hands until who returned to the stage to sing with Marco Pombinho on the keys “A tempestade“, the only song the artist says she managed to make during the confinement, later dedicated to a young audience that stoically withstood the cold until the end of the show, repeats, “Sr. Extraterrestre” and ends with “Antigamente” a night filled whit fantastic music.

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