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Gisela João in an intimate and emotional night

Coliseu dos Recreios

It was in the middle of an enchanted forest, as Gisela João described the setting, which in an intimate night, full of emotions, but also of great energy, that the Portuguese singer dazzled a sold out Coliseu dos Recreios, with a fan audience, in which all the singer’s friendliness, quality and warm voice made the concert memorable.

Gisela João opens the concert at the Coliseu with “Beijos from this madwoman who loves you“, even before the curtain is raised, the singer speaks to the audience, who listen carefully, all attention is on Gisela João’s voice, in a concert that it was thought out in detail, at the entrance we had a mini forest, a detail of what the stage would be, the chirping of birds, which accompany us from the moment we enter the room, taking us to the enchanted forest of the singer, who ends up saying ” We want you to allow yourself to feel. Time is the nature of the dawn. Here, love each other.

Gisela João > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.11.05

The concert for the presentation of “Aurora” begins with “Tábuas do Palco“, and Gisela João sitting on a green sofa in the middle of the stage, in the middle of the enchanted forest, with a focus on her, and in the company of Luís Pereira, Ricardo Parreira, Francisco Gaspar and Nelson Aleixo took the audience on this trip, which are their excellent songs.

The coliseum audience, eager to see and hear the singer again, did not spare the applause, sang and even danced, to the sound of new songs, but also of some of her many hits, which passed through the Lisbon hall.

In “Longe Daqui” one of the several moments in which the singer was moved, and dedicated to those who suffered the most, for being isolated during the pandemic, or even in “Não Fico Para Dormir” which she dedicated to all those who work in the culture and who suffered so much and still suffer.

Gisela João > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.11.05

A song “A Casa da Mariquinhas” also premiered, purposely left out of “Aurora”, out of respect for the restaurant and hotel industry, which, by the hand of Capicua, transformed the classic into a version more consistent with what we live after. -pandemic, which greatly pleased the audience.

Of course, Amália’s classic, “Senhor Extraterrestre!”, sung by Gisela João, always has a touch of joy and freshness, and “Louca” were highlights of the concert, but we also had a Mexican theme “La Llorona” and “Atrás da Porta” written by Chico Buarque and Elis Regina.

Concert that was recorded by RTP, and which had several names in music and television to watch, among them Maria da Fé and Tozé Brito, and where Gisela João dazzled the entire Coliseu, another memorable concert.

Gisela João > Coliseu dos Recreios ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.11.05

Concert setlist
Tábuas do Palco I
Já Não Choro Por Ti
Canção ao Coração
Longe Daqui
Fado para Esta Noite
Madrugada Sem Sono
Senhor Extraterrestre
Não Fico para Dormir
Viras e Malhões
Voltei (estreia)
Hostel da Mariquinhas (estreia)
Atrás da Porta (Elis Regina)
Na Minha Aldeia
Meu Amigo Está Longe
Bailarico Saloio
Tempestade (Mirrors)
La Llorona

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