Gisela João reveals the first single from her new album “AuRora”

Gisela João releases, on March 5, the first single from the new album AuRora, entitled “Louca”

On March 5, the long wait for more than 5 years for new music by Gisela João ends. Today the countdown begins for the revelation of “Louca“, AuRora‘s first single, her new and third album, which succeeds “Nua” (2016) and “Gisela João” (2013). Initially scheduled for March 2020, “AuRora” by Gisela João was confined, like all of us, and postponed to a moment of hope. That moment is April 2021.

Recorded between Lisbon and Barcelona, ​​AuRora features Michael League production and co-production by Nic Hard and Gisela João herself, bringing with it the auspicious promise of brighter days. Of lack of definition. AuRora is also the first album on which Gisela João presents essentially original songs and reveals her skills as a lyricist and composer. And she sings not just as we expect her to, but beyond everything we’ve heard her sing to this day.

With an absolutely unique voice and timbre, Gisela João is a central figure and one of the most important interpreters in the history of Portuguese music, having been distinguished with numerous awards, including Blitz, Time Out, Expresso, and the Golden Globe for Best National Interpreter.

A constant presence on national and international stages, with electrifying and unforgettable performances, Gisela João soon established herself in contemporary Fado following the traditional matrix, without deviations or artifice, delving into its genesis, its authenticity, without excesses or mannerisms, so that in the end, stay genuine.

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