GLEX Summit promotes competition for young Azorean students

Are you a primary and secondary school student in the Azores and aged between 13 and 18? The incredible biodiversity and extraordinary natural heritage of the archipelago are the starting point for an innovative initiative that invites you to preserve the territory.

The GLEX Summit, through the “Young Explorers 13-18 Competition: Explore the Azores!”, challenges you to embark on a journey of discovery, innovation and change, with the opportunity to win transformative prizes. The astronauts, explorers and scientists who, on the 18th and 19th of June, will visit the Azores, are curious and eager to see your ideas and innovative projects.

ana pires
GLEX Summit < Ana Pires

This is an extraordinary opportunity to show your creativity, passion and commitment to the sustainable exploration of the Azores. From researching and identifying local species to developing innovative technologies for environmental monitoring, the possibilities are endless. You can submit your work by June 4th, using the form available at GLEX Summit.

Amazing Prizes

By participating in the “Young Explorers 13-18 Competition: Explore the Azores!”, you have the chance to win inspiring prizes, including a trip to New York, a visit to the headquarters of the largest exploration club in the world and a membership to The Young Explorers. Explorers Club, accompanied by an exclusive one-year mentoring program.

carlos picanço
GLEX Summit < Carlos Picanço

Specialized Jury

Your project will be evaluated by a panel of experts composed of Ana Pires (Portuguese scientist-astronaut), Carlos Ormonde (teacher and CEO/founder of Floriazoris), Carlos Picanço (director of sales and marketing at Futurismo Azores Adventures), Hugo Vau (big wave surfer and ocean lover) and Rita Madruga (president of the São Jorge Island Business Center-NESJ). They will evaluate the creativity and impact of your work. The best projects will be showcased during the GLEX Summit.

hugo vau
GLEX Summit < Hugo Vau

These are the three themes that the organizers challenge you to explore:

  • Azorean biodiversity: Discover the unique fauna and flora of your island, through research, photography or creating trails to identify local species.
  • Technological innovation for marine research: Creates innovative solutions, such as underwater drones, environmental sensors or monitoring applications, to explore and conserve the marine resources of the Azores. Any transformative ideas are welcome!
  • Space exploration and marine ecosystems: Investigates the impact of space exploration on marine ecosystems, addressing issues such as light pollution, space debris and marine conservation. Think about how space can help preserve marine ecosystems.

Local Support

This initiative has the support of the Municipality of Angra do Heroísmo, the Chamber of Commerce of Angra do Heroísmo and the Regional Directorate of Education of the Azores.

rita madruga
GLEX Summit < Hugo Vau

GLEX Summit

On June 18th and 19th, the GLEX Summit will bring together the world’s elite explorers and scientists here in the Azores. For the second year in a row, on the island of Terceira, some of the most extraordinary missions related to space exploration, the oceans and the conservation of the planet will be revealed.

carlos ormonde
GLEX Summit < Carlos Ormonde

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