Glockenwise edit “PLÁSTICO” on vinyl on May 14

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In 2018 Glockenwise returned to the albums with the irreverence that we already knew them, but now with an extra dose of sophistication and maturity.

‘PLÁSTICO’ was the album that marked a new phase in his career, for the first time in Portuguese, which with a frantic rhythm deconstructs daily life and routine.

It would end up standing out in national production, being considered the best album of 2018 for Público and the best album of 2019 for Antena 3 (vicissitudes of December releases).

With the singles ‘MODERNO’ and ‘DIA FELIZ’, they conquered new audiences. The passage through the Tram of Antena 3/RTP1 and the Festival Bons Sons was worth the collaboration with JP Simões. And in the middle of summer 2020 they surprised with a collaboration with Rui Reininho in ‘CALOR’, a new version for a classic of the band. They traveled the country from north to south, played in halls and festivals, indulged on stage – which is where they are happiest.

2021 is a year in which a cycle ends and fans will finally be able to enjoy ‘PLASTIC’ in a new format and listening experience.

‘PLÁSTICO’ is published on vinyl on the 14th of May. A true collector’s edition, limited, on blue vinyl and with the extra track ‘CALOR’.

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