Glovo arrives in the capital of Algarve

The holiday to the south will be much more lively with the arrival of Glovo to Faro, the capital of the Algarve, a favorite holiday destination of the Portuguese for the summer.

Glovo, an application that allows you to buy, receive and send everything within the same city, arrived in Faro, the capital of the Algarve, a region favored by the Portuguese summer holidays.

The Spanish startup continues its expansion strategy at national level, now totaling 12 cities where it is present, reaching Portuguese users from north to south of the country, from Braga to Grande Porto (Gaia, Matosinhos, Custóias, Santo Tirso), through Coimbra, Greater Lisbon (Amadora, Almada, Oeiras, Queluz, Mira-Sintra).

Attentive to the tastes of the users of the markets in which it operates, Glovo makes a point of covering the gastronomic specialties more rooted in each place, contemplating an offer as close as possible to what the tastes of the users in each destination are.

Farmers can now order meals from their favorite restaurants in a convenient way at the desired addresses, either at home or at work, as well as ask to buy, collect and deliver any object by customizing the order through the category ‘Anything’. With Glovo, it is possible to order meals from any restaurant at your choice, even if the latter is not an app partner, as long as it offers to take away service and is located within the geographic area covered by the application.

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