GNR assaulted the Coliseum

In the context of the Montepio Festival, Sometimes Love, on the weekend of love, the GNR gave a memorable concert at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon

It was with a small introduction that the concert started. soon followed by “Arranca corações“, “Vídeo Maria” and “Cadeira eléctrica“, in a succession of hits from the Porto band, which started to put the audience singing and dancing.

The GNR – Grupo Novo Rock, formed in Porto, in 1980, emerged with the “boom of Portuguese rock“, created a new sound in Portugal. The band consists of Tóli César Machado on guitar, keys and accordion, Jorge Romão on bass and Rui Reininho on vocals.

With a musical style classified as a post-punk patent in the singles “Portugal na CEE” and “Sê um GNR“, from 1981. With the entry of Rui Reininho, in 1981, the writing of the songs began to contain a refined humour and sarcasm, they passed also for an experimental and avant-garde pop in the first album, “Independança” from 1982, which despite the praise of the critic did not have much success in sales, now, follow a trend mainly pop-rock.

Many were the themes that the GNR brought to the coliseum, of course, “Popless“, “Pronúncia do norte” and “Homens temporariamente sós” could not be missing, only missing was a full house, which on a derby day, preferred the stadium and television, to this fantastic show.

Efectivamente“, “Dunas“, “Impressões digitais” and “Sangue oculto“, ended the concert by Rui Reininho’s band at the Coliseu, on a 40-year career journey through the band’s successes, on a night that for those who attended was filled whit good mood, joy and of course, LOVE.

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