GNR warns of new danger caused by the Coronavirus pandemic

The alert is from the Republican National Guard (GNR) and states that the huge amount of news coverage surrounding the current Coronavirus virus pandemic has created a new danger – phishing attacks that aim to exploit the population’s fears about the virus.

In a publication on the Facebook page, the GNR informs that phishing campaigns are carried out (by email, SMS or social networks) in the image of official entities such as the World Health Organization, UNICEF or research centers, and laboratories in the sector health, with contents alluding to the pandemic, including attached files.

These are aimed at capturing victims’ personal data or infecting their devices with malware, warns the authority who leaves the following advice:

  • Be wary of all emails you receive;
  • Avoid accessing links that are indicated in a suspicious email;
  • Be suspicious of any email or text message you make reference to urgent requests to provide information on the virus;
  • Keep antivirus and firewall up to date;
  • Never send personal or financial information by email;
  • Regularly update your computer’s protection with antivirus, anti-spyware, and firewall programs.
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