GOHU presents new single, “Se Eu Puder”

Born in Porto, the talented musician GOHU, who almost two decades ago exchanged his Portuguese roots for international experiences, is back with his latest single, “Se Eu Puder”, which will be part of a new album, scheduled for 2025.

GOHU’s hometown, Maia, was the setting chosen for the production of this song, which featured precious input from S. Pedro, an artist and his childhood friend. The single is an irresistible fusion of sounds and emotions, highlighted by the masterful use of echoes and reverbs, which not only amplify the listening experience but also capture the essence of human amplification throughout the world.

The music video, filmed in cities such as Los Angeles, New York and Lisbon, as well as on different air bridges, promises to transport viewers on an emotional and visual journey. It is an invitation to a journey of self-discovery, fueled by the search for new horizons.

“As an emigrant for almost 20 years, this single is at the same time a biography and a personal invitation to discovery. It is a call to those who yearn for new horizons, for the freedom to decide their destiny. This song is a testimony to the journey that we all embark on to find ourselves and define our path”, explains GOHU.

“Se Eu Puder” is not just a song, but a musical narrative that echoes GOHU’s unique experience as a citizen of the world. This single promises to resonate with those who seek freedom, authenticity and the exploration of new experiences, between the desire for what is new and the comfort of returning home, as GOHU shares an unchanging connection with his country, a cord umbilical that insists on feeding through music.

The single “Se Eu Puder” is now available on all digital platforms. Join GOHU on this inspiring musical journey and discover the sounds that transcend borders and fuel emotions.

Who is GOHU?

GOHU, the artistic heteronym of advertiser Hugo Veiga, is “Hugo” in reverse. Born in Porto, he lived for seven years in Lisbon, almost two decades in Brazil, and two years in Los Angeles, having recently moved to New York.

As a publicist, he carried out communication projects for international artists such as YoYo Ma, Usher, Lady Gaga and Elton John; and Brazilians such as Emicida, Kevin o Chris, Criolo and Milton Nascimento, Ivete Sangalo, Baco Exu do Blues — with whom he won the Entertainment Lions for Music Grand Prix at Cannes 2019; and Baiana System and Tropkillaz, whose project was nominated for a 2020 Latin Grammy.

After being considered advertising creative of the year worldwide at Cannes in 2013 and best Creative Director in Brazil in 2019, Hugo decided to make his teenage dream come true and bring to the light of day some of the songs that start playing in his head now and then.

His debut album, “Terra da Faina”, was released in November 2020 and features songs such as “Vai Ficar Fixe”, considered by MTV as a quarantine anthem; “Sopra o Vento”, with S. Pedro; and “Olha Eu Aqui”, in collaboration with presenter Pedro Fernandes. His songs have already been remixed by international DJs such as Fatnotronic and Scorsi.

In 2022, he released his second album, “IMBASSAÍ”. It is a more solar and organic work, which features the singles “Nesga de Sol” (with Tainá), “Maresia”, “Contigo como Lontra” and “ETs, Levem-me Daqui”. Both albums were produced by Emmo Martins.

In 2023, he released “Nortada”, produced in Los Angeles by Lucas Mayer and mixed by the legendary Mário Caldato Jr.; and “Tigela, Chocapic & Leite”, produced in his homeland, Maia, by his childhood friend S. Pedro.

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