Golden Globes Ceremony scheduled for February 28

The organization of the Golden Globes marked the 78th edition for February 28, in Los Angeles, California, with the presentation of actresses Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

The decision follows the postponement announced last week of the February Oscars ceremony to April 25th.

These changes are due to the impact of the covid-19 pandemic on the film industry, not only North American but also global, which led to the closing of movie theaters, the suspension of premieres of new films and the postponement of cinematographic productions.

In May, the organization of the Golden Globes had already announced changes to the regulations to allow films from countries affected by the new coronavirus to compete on equal terms in the next edition of the awards.

Until now, in order to participate in the category of best film in a foreign language (not English), films had to debut in cinemas in their countries of origin.

That requirement has now been eliminated, with the AIEH having decided to accept applications for films that were scheduled to open on March 15. The end date will be determined by the reopening of cinemas in each country.

In this way, the Golden Globes will receive applications for films that have not yet premiered in cinemas, but that were originally thought to be projected in cinemas.

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