Gonçalo e Pronto releases the single “Vai Tu À Frente” in anticipation of the EP “À Mesa”

After releasing the single “Caju” in 2022 and the EP “Passatempo” in 2020, the artist from Évora is preparing to release his next album, “À Mesa”.

With a very unique and relevant sound within the universe of Pop, Gonçalo e Pronto reveals that “Vai Tu À Frente”, in collaboration with Marta Lima and the second single from his future new EP, was the last song to be written for the album , and already started thinking about collaborating with the artist: ‘I spent a week sending her a message asking her to listen to the song and ponder, until she publishes one of my songs and that’s when I gained courage’.

Between the lightness of mind in perfect harmony with the instrumental and the voices of Gonçalo e Pronto and Marta Lima, “Vai Tu À Frente” emerges with a strong message about the difficulty in taking a first step towards something important: ‘Music is a conversation about giving space to someone we care about so that they can grow, even if at a different pace than ours, in another place, or even in other directions’, adds Gonçalo e Pronto.

“Vai Tu À Frente” will be available digitally from June 23rd.

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