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Good food, good drinks and good music among friends in Estoril

Chef's on Fire Festival

This weekend the fourth edition, created in 2019 by Gonçalo Castel-Branco, had a full house with two sold-out days, with some of the best Portuguese chefs, the best food, and excellent music.

If the Portuguese like festivals, Portugal is really the country of festivals, another thing that the Portuguese like is to eat, drink and be with friends, preferably in open spaces, that’s why this festival, always brings together the best chef’s in Portugal, barbecues, divine desserts, the best wine, and excellent beers, could only be a success.

Chef’s on Fire > Estoril ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2022.09.17

Better than one day of this festival can only be two, in what is, in fact, a great lunch, where families, friends with and without children, strangers who become friends, who lived together, at the taste of the best food and glass in hand, they toasted all night.

There were many divine snacks that we can find FIARTIL – Estoril Handicraft Fair, prepared with a lot of wisdom and talent, the difficult thing was to choose and have the belly for all these dishes, from the more traditional ones such as octopus à lagareiro, rind sandwiches or steak, to the most current ones such as tuna loin in hokkaido pumpkin brioche and Japanese pickles, pastrami, finished with a beautiful cheese pie from Dona.

Chef’s on Fire > Estoril ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2022.09.17

Tourists were also present at the event, to taste the chef’s proposals that were presented, the wines and beers, and listen to good music, Italian, Spanish, German, and English could be heard throughout the venue, and wherever you looked you could only see smiles, in what is perhaps one of the best festivals in Portugal, informal space with old chairs, straw bales, and boxes to make chairs, doors to make tables and sofas, scattered around the venue and next to the stage as if we had in an aunt’s backyard on a hill, where anything is good for us to sit and where the important thing is socializing and conversations.

Chef’s on Fire > Estoril ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2022.09.17

Day 17

Chef Alexandre Silva (Loco and FIRE)
-Roasted pork belly, black pepper, and black garlic,
Chef Vasco Coelho Santos (Euskalduna Studio)
Chef Rodrigo Castelo (Taverna Ó Balcão)
– Roasted venison pie with pumpkin
Chef Louise Bourrat (BouBou’s)
Chef Rising Star Pedro Forato (Mercearia do Prado)

Chef João Oliveira (View)
Lucas Azevedo (Beach in the Park)
Kiko Carvalho (The Boteco – The Butcher – The Cevicheria)
-Tuna toast with ikura (salmon roe)
Rising Chef – Nikita Polido (Celmar)
-Swordfish, onions with Adobo, and Roe

Chefs Nuno Castro (Tonka Bean)
Bruno Caseiro (Standard)
Chef Rising Star, Alana Mostachio (VDB Bistronomye)
-Celery and tahini shawarma

Chef Márcio Baltazar (Ocean)
Chef Rising Star, Juliana Penteado (Barü.Ba Pastry)
-Pavlova with grilled peaches, orange blossom, and pistachio

Chef’s on Fire > Estoril ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2022.09.17

Day 18

Chefs Henrique Sá Pessoa (Alma)
– Grilled Pork Tusk, Asian Coleslaw, Fried Garlic Mayonnaise and Hoisin
Mauricio Ghiglione (Belos Aires)
Bruno Rocha (Bairro Alto Hotel)
– rind sandwich, shrimp sambal and cabbage heart
Hugo Brito (Ox-Horse)
– Roast chicken with caviar
Chef Rising Star, Marcela Guirelli (Independent Food)

João Rodrigues (Factory)
-Grilled lily, tomato and purslane
Noélia Jerónimo (Noélia and Jerónimo)
– Grilled squid with cockles xerem
Pedro Almeida (Midori)
Chef Rising Star, Tiago Penão (Kappo)

David Jesus (Sap)
Victor Adam (Plan)
-Trás-os-Montes potato with truffle and parsley
Chef Rising Star Ana Leão (Musa)

Chef Carlos Fernandes (Azor Hotel)
Rising chef, Leonor Sousa Bastos (Flagrante Delícia)

Chef’s on Fire > Estoril ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2022.09.17

The music was in charge of 10 names
Day 17
Charlie Brown, Luísa Sobral, Best Youth, Dino D’Santiago and Batou Matou

Day 18
Cuca Monga, Bruno Pernadas, Carolina Deslandes, David Fonseca and Jorge Palma

The children also had a space for themselves and were invited to carry out gastronomic experiences, be chefs for a day, and cook hamburgers, and fruit kebabs, with the help of Chef Rodrigo Castelo’s daughter, Mimi Castelo, 8 years old.

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