Google celebrates Carolina Beatriz Ângelo, first woman to vote in Portugal

Google took advantage of this Friday, the 28th, to debut a new Doodle that celebrates Carolina Beatriz Ângelo, a doctor and also an activist for the rights of women.

Beatriz Ângelo became the first woman to vote in Portugal on this very day, in 1911, for the National Constituent Assembly, having found an ‘opening’ in the electoral code of the time, which only indicated that voters had to be over 21 years old, reside in the national territory as well as know how to read and write or be heads of family.

Being a recognized doctor and also a widow, Beatriz Ângelo considered meeting all the conditions to vote in this year’s elections.

The Doodle of this day represents precisely the moment that Beatriz Ângelo became the first woman to vote in Portugal, a moment considered a great step in the right of women in our country.

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