Google helps Portuguese retailers with internationalization

The seven Portuguese retailers are Continente, Dott, Hôma, Lion of Porches, Mr. Blue, PCDIGA and Zippy.

Google Portugal started the Retail Export Accelerator Program, aimed at Portuguese retail companies with the objective of accelerating internationalization processes, with seven retailers selected.

The Retail Export Accelerator Program aims to provide companies with the resources and tools they need for their growth strategies and to accelerate their internationalization processes.

This program follows on from other acceleration programs, projects and initiatives launched and made available to support ‘startups’ and Portuguese companies of different sizes and different industries.

The companies were selected based on their strong value propositions and for having agile teams that will be able to test and adapt their behaviors and strategies in order to make the most of each session of the program.

At the beginning of the year, Google Portugal had already brought to Portugal the first edition of the StartUps Growth Lab, a Google for Startups program consisting of workshops, training, and mentoring for Portuguese ‘startups’ to accelerate growth through the acquisition of new customers and revenue.

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