Google launches an AI-powered app Keen

The service uses Google and machine learning to look for content related to your interests.

Google has launched a new app called Keen, and many are likening it to Pinterest. The app comes from Google’s experimental Area 120 incubator that creates several apps, many of which go nowhere.

It essentially uses Google’s machine learning prowess to easily curate topics for you. Co-founder CJ Adams said the idea for Keen originated one night when he and his wife were mindlessly browsing feeds, images, and news for hours on end in between work and sleep.

From what we can tell, Adams wanted to help create a service that would help him and others focus on things they would rather do, but also cut down on any research time they’d have to invest.

Keen will supposedly discover more and more related content for you over time. You can also follow keens that others have created. If any of this sounds fun for you, check out Keen on your desktop browser at or from your Android device using the Keen web app.


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