Google Pay is now available in Portugal

Google has officially announced the arrival of your Google Pay payment to Portugal. However, instead of taking over the payment system in digital format, the technological giant has established partnerships with different banking entities and fintechs for integration in their respective applications and services.

According to data revealed by Google, citing the World Payments Report 2020, 41% of people who normally use physical money, ended up joining and experiencing contactless technology payment during the pandemic, and 35% of cardholders added a card to your digital wallets.

And it is in this sense that Google, considering the need to expand the options for digital payments, worked with the Mastercard and Visa networks, as well as banks to introduce its Google Pay system to Portuguese users.

It is explained that users simply need to access their bank’s application and click on the option “Add to Google Pay” to proceed with the integration of the payment service.

Once this integration is completed, users can start making payments via contactless in stores, leaning their smartphone against a payment terminal with NFC and accepting the Google Pay payment method.

Saved cards can also be managed on the Google page, choose account services and choose Google Pay.

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