Google Portugal offers free training to 3000 unemployed

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Google announced that it will offer training to 3000 Portuguese in the areas of IT Technical Support, Project Management, Data Analysis, and User Experience Design.

Three courses are available in English and one in Portuguese (IT Technical Support), each of which has a 120-hour workload. The courses are taken on a self-service basis, which means there is no fixed deadline for completion. The normal period should be around eight months, at an average rate of 8 to 10 hours per week.

The courses will be made available free of charge, but users will be monitored and will not be able to spend more than 15 days inactive on the Coursera platform, at risk of losing the right to the certificate.

The choice of candidates will be the responsibility of Google’s partners for this initiative: IEFP and APDC. Among the criteria to be taken into account will be the focus on the unemployed registered in the public service and some quotas: 50% for women and another 50% for men; and 50% for the districts of Lisbon and Porto and the other 50% for the rest of the country., the philanthropic arm of the technology giant, in partnership with the Youth Foundation, will have 235 additional certificates available to young people identified as being in a vulnerable situation.

The courses will be made available free of charge by Google to both trainees and partner entities. Candidates are not required to have any previous training or experience.

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