Google selects CEiiA to integrate the program “Impact Challenge on Climate”

CEiiA was selected today by Google to integrate its Impact Challenge on Climate Program, with the blockchain-based AYR sustainability platform, which rewards carbon-neutral behavior in mobility.

Rowan Barnett, Head of Google.org for the EMEA and APAC regions says: “We received an impressive amount of applications for our Impact Challenge on Climate Google.org Program, and we and the jury of experts were convinced by the innovative concept of the AYR, where citizens, communities and businesses are rewarded for sustainable mobility behaviors. This sets the foundation for the implementation of local voluntary carbon markets. We are very excited to support CEiiA to continue to develop the AYR platform and we are excited to work with this team”.

AYR is a sustainability platform that rewards people and communities for not emitting CO2 – instead of making them pay for their emissions – enabling the creation of voluntary local carbon markets in which green digital credits circulate as “green tokens”. Users can exchange these credits for other services and companies can offset their carbon footprint locally, helping to accelerate the global transition to carbon neutral cities.

Regarding the relevance of AYR, the Minister for the Environment and Climate Action, João Pedro Matos Fernandes emphasizes: “Carbon neutrality will only be achieved with the involvement of municipalities and citizens. This project, by supporting the development of Local Carbon Markets, combining citizens’ behavior with decarbonisation through technology, is an example of the synergies between green and digital transition, and its contribution to accelerating the transition to a carbon-neutral society .”

For José Rui Felizardo, CEO of CEiiA, “This is a great opportunity for Portugal, and for us CEiiA, as it reinforces our active contribution to this planetary challenge associated with climate change. This selection of the Google.org Climate Impact Challenge will boost our AYR platform and give us the ability to work closely with multiple partners around the world.”

CEiiA and 10 other international entities will work with Google’s Impact Challenge on Climate team over the next three months and the next two years will be dedicated to the scalability of AYR in cities around the world.

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