Gossip and Beth Ditto return to NOS Alive for commemorative concert

Band visit Lisbon as part of a European tour to mark the anniversary of the release of the fourth album.

After a three-year hiatus in a career spanning nearly two decades, the Gossip will return this year to NOS Alive for a concert on the main stage on July 12, the second day of the show.

The arrival of Beth Ditto’s band in Lisbon is part of the European tour to mark the 10th anniversary of the album ‘Music For Men’. Launched in 2009, the group’s fourth album is one of the most acclaimed, with particular success in Europe.

It is recalled that the Gossip’s last album, ‘A Joyful Noise’, was released in May of 2012, having the North American trio acted until 2016, year in which announced their separation. This month, however, Beth Ditto announced the return for some concerts.

This year’s NOS Alive festival takes place between July 11 and 13, at the Algés Maritime Promenade. The general passes cost 149 euros and the daily 65 tickets.

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