Government approves 81 ME investment in three solar power plants in Santarém

The government has approved three new solar power plants without subsidies paid by consumers, which will be promoted by Escalabis Solar, an investment of 81 million euros for a total installed capacity of 145.5 megawatts.

“The Government has already authorized more than 1,000 megawatts of solar energy without Portuguese families having to pay any kind of subsidy in the electricity bill, without feed-in tariffs.” These new plants are part of the changing paradigm of cost reduction in the national electricity system that the Government has been implementing: Renewable yes, more costs for families, “said Secretary of State for Energy Jorge Seguro Sanches said in a statement.

The centers (Alforgemel, Casal do Paul and Encarnado) will be located in Almoster, municipality and district of Santarém. According to the Government, each of these parks will have 161,67 thousand photovoltaic panels, in a total set of 485 thousand photovoltaic panels.

The power of each plant will reach 48.5 megawatts, with the combined installed capacity of the three parks reaching 145.5 megawatts.

According to the Government, Escalabis Solar will be the company that promotes the parks, which expects to make an investment of 27 million euros in each one, with the total amount reaching 81 million euros.

“Solar power plants approved in the past will only cost families 134 million euros this year, with consumers paying more than 300 euros per megawatt hour for this energy, the highest value among the different sources of electricity subsidized in Portugal “Said the Secretary of State for Energy.

According to the Government, Portugal is “in line” to meet its target of 31% of the incorporation of renewable energy in final energy consumption by 2020.

The European target for 2030 was recently set at 32%, but the Government continues to push for more ambitious targets of 40% by 2030, “but without the new power plants having to be paid by consumers,” according to the Secretary of State for Energy .

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