Government approves decree to capture investment for interior of Portugal

The Council of Ministers approved today the decree-law that establishes and regulates the program of investment capture for the interior, creating a commission of promotion and simplifying procedures.

In the briefing of the Council of Ministers today, the Deputy Minister of Economy, Pedro Siza Vieira, explained that “in order to structure efforts to raise investment in the interior, the Government has approved a decree-law that results from decisions taken in the Council of Ministers of July 14 on the valuation of the interior. ”

“This is the decree-law that creates the program for attracting investment in the interior. This decree-law has two specific strands,” he began by explaining.

The first of the components is, according to Siza Vieira, “the creation of an investment promotion committee in the interior”, associating “several public entities, among them AICEP and IAPMEI, but also with the participation of local actors.”

The objective is “to ensure that the external efforts of attracting investment to Portugal may also have a greater visibility with respect to the territories of the interior”.

“The second component of this decree-law concerns the simplification of procedures that respect investments made in the interior,” he added.

According to the minister, “investment intentions with an investment size of more than EUR 10 million or fulfilling other requirements, such as those coming from Portuguese diaspora investors, could benefit from more structured monitoring and simplification of procedures “.

This program, according to Siza Vieira, “is an important component of the program of valorization of the interior and the strategy of the Government to ensure the attraction of investment capable of creating employment, able to retain and attract populations to the interior territories.”

On July 14, at the Extraordinary Council of Ministers held in Pampilhosa da Serra, Coimbra district, the Government announced the creation of a € 1.7bn program of competitions to support business investment in the interior as part of the reprogramming of the Portugal 2020, the Deputy Minister announced today.

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