Government invests 560 million in irrigation to mitigate drought effects

The Secretary of State for Agriculture and Food said today that the Government is taking measures to “mitigate” the effects of the drought, namely the construction of 100 thousand hectares of irrigated land, investing 560 million euros, until 2023.

We can not solve the problem, we can not make it rain at any moment, but we have to find formulas that allow us to mitigate these effects,” said Luís Medeiros Vieira.

Speaking in Braga, during the inauguration of the AGRO 2019 – 52nd International Fair of Agriculture, Livestock and Food, the Secretary of State referred to the program, “fully implemented“, which provides for the construction, until 2023, of 100 thousand hectares of in an investment of 560 million euros.

It is to direct investment to create water reserves that allow in situations of lack supply deficiencies,” he said.

He acknowledged that the drought is a worrying situation, but stressed that with climate change, more and more “extreme phenomena” will occur.

More and more climate change is the order of the day, it is not easy to solve these problems, we must always find the root causes. All work has been done to identify the situations, why these things happen and, at the same time, at the same time, to find the best solutions, “said the Secretary of State.

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