Government wants to increase to 12 cents contribution of plastic bags

The Government intends to increase the value of the contribution on each light plastic bag to 12 cents, according to a preliminary version of the proposal of State Budget for 2019 (OE2019) that Lusa had access to today.

In the document, which was discussed today in the Council of Ministers, it can be read that “the contribution on lightweight plastic bags is 0.12 euros for each plastic bag”.

Currently, the value of the contribution to be paid to the State for each light plastic bag with handles is 0.08 euros, plus VAT at the rate of 23%, which amounts to a total value of approximately 0.10 euros.

On Friday, the deputy of the PAN (People-Animals-Nature), André Silva, had already advanced that the Government was going to register for the first time four measures of the party in the proposal of OE, one of them being the increase of the price of plastic bags from eight to 12 cents.

Since February 15, 2015, consumers pay 10 cents for each “light” plastic bag at any commercial establishment, from hypermarkets to pharmacies, an environmental contribution to try to reduce the presence of this material in nature.

The sporting activity of the pigeon shooting will end and the price of plastic bags will increase from eight to 12 cents, measures that will appear in the proposal of the State Budget Government for 2019, according to the PAN.

The Government approved today the proposal of OE2019, the report and the Great Options of the Plan and the Multi-Year Budgetary Programming Framework, the official source of the official said.

The document will be delivered to parliament on Monday.

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