Graffiti duo ARM Collective opens exhibition this month in Lisbon

The double ARM Collective (RAM and MAR) opens this month, in Lisbon, “ARMosphere 3.0”, which includes the presentation of the work “Time Travelers”, held for a year and a half on more than 400 meters of wall in an abandoned complex.

MAR and RAM, who have been dedicated to ‘graffiti’ since the late 1990s, started painting together in 2001 and, in 2006, took on the name ARM Collective. ‘ARMosphere 3.0’, which opens on February 19 at Coletivo284, in Rua das Amoreiras, is a “celebration of 14 years of work”, according to the presentation text of the show.

ARMosphere, which includes screens and installations, explores a body of work and the collaborative vision of artists renowned in the national and international urban art scene, Miguel RAM and Gonçalo MAR, at three different moments in their career.

The exhibition will present, for the first time to the public, a painting made 10 years ago in an abandoned and unauthorized complex, where for more than a year and a half the artists painted more than 400 meters of wall.

In ‘ARMosphere 3.0’ the series ‘ARMosphere’ will also be shown, “a journey of intergalactic virtuosity, in the format of painting on canvas in 10 synchronized movements, undertaken by this duo and their most recent body of work”.

‘ARMosphere 3.0’, free of charge and which will be open until March 1, is the first exhibition of the Collective 284 initiative, of Coletivo 284, “which intends to explore throughout the year 2020 the contemporary creative universe, national and international”.

The first exhibition of RAM and MAR as ARMColletive, composed entirely of unpublished works, created specifically for the occasion, was shown in 2017 at MONA, in Lisbon.

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