Grand Sun signal launch of Sal Y Amore with video “Circles”

Grand Sun is back and brings with it a revolution, the first healthy salt for hypertension.

The new work, Sal Y Amore, represents another facet of the band, more raw, unfiltered and genuine. During 2019, they played around the country in concert halls and also launched in festivals such as the Ecos de Lima Festival, the Avante Festival or the Termómetro Festival. The new album sings all these trips, new friends and a lot of rock that allowed the Oeiras quartet to grow and show a new face.

About the insubordinate guy who wants to get away from it all, the band presents a new solution: immortalize all the annoyances that make us feel alive. The singles “Feeling Tired” and “Veera” are the standard door of this group. Everyone with their personality reveals a little of what is to come.

Sal Y Amore was recorded and mixed by André Isidro at Duck Tape Melodies studios and mastered by João Alves at Sweet Mastering Studio. The new work is published by Aunt Sally Records on the 27th of March and the artwork of the cover was worked together with MURTA and its lens.

With all being said, the message of these four young adults is simple and clear: Without love nobody sings.

Grand Sun’s debut LP Sal Y Amore is a sonic journey into the band’s chaotic mind. When they debut their first handful of songs live (with the EP ‘The Plastic People of The Universe’ in 2018), they play across the country, in festivals and concert halls, just enough to discover that direct contact with people and immediacy are what they really want and look for. Like a caustic spice at a timeless party, here at Sal Y Amore the band has no reservations in showing itself as it wants: intense and festive. From the hip mesh “Palo Santo”, to the delicate narrative of “A Picture”, to the hypnotic “Veera” and to the post-punk costume of “Feeling Tired” and “Circles”, the band refers to the whole experience of growing up together, escapism, existential fear and all disenchantments. They talk about a contrast between innocent and idyllic love and a more mature type of relationship, hence the salt.

From Lisbon, Portugal: the Grand Sun are António Reis, João Ribeiro, João Simões and Miguel da Costa Gomes. They sing about peculiar characters they encounter every day. Think of them as a sunshine-pop band with influences from the 60’s and 70’s, that sometimes plays psychedelic rock, most of the time with a garage/post-punk attitude.

To mark the launch of the new single and video clip “Circles” and the release of the album Sal Y Amore, and to be part of the giant wave of support and love that we have all seen in the past few days, Grand Sun today launches a special campaign on Bandcamp where the entire catalog will be at half price until the release of the album, on March 27th. Just put the word ‘squares’ in the checkout. Good listening and above all be safe!


And finally, “Circles”. About this inevitable acceptance in relation to our life – because Sometimes you don’t get what you want – and personally about this constant limbo that we find ourselves in while building our personality. The formulation of this dichotomy between wanting and not wanting to leave is about covering our existential fear with enthusiasm for this very existence.

It is Sal Y Amore’s most frantic music, the music with the most nerve and the one that best defines the transition to this more acidic phase of the band. It is with Circles that they assume a garage rock and post-punk stance, being the mesh that best defines how they are live. Well, God bless bands like King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizzard, Thee Oh Sees and Parquet Courts for all the good mojo and the inspiration for dancing, shouting and crowdsurfing. They think about it while playing it live. And about how good it is to express something, even if that something is going in circles.

Visually, the music video recorded by Francisco Lopes portrays the Grand Sun in a surreal, almost bizarre talk show, where the band interviews itself, in a inconsequential conversation that is satire and a homemade representation of the noise that we are exposed to daily.


The friendship and the union of interests, combined with an irreverent and youthful attitude, allows the creation of the Grand Sun in 2016. The first single, “Apolo”, produced by Filipe Sambado, comes out at the beginning of this year and allows the band’s first concerts at Sabotage Club, Lx Factory, Casa Independente and Damas.

They improve and define their aesthetics, with passages through Musicbox and Galeria Zé dos Bois and, together with their first experiences in the media, they are driven to enter the studio to record their debut EP The Plastic People of The Universe.

The tour of the disc The Plastic People of The Universe took them to various venues in the country such as Salão Brazil (Coimbra), Bang Venue (Torres Vedras), Sabotage Club (Lisbon), CAEP (Portalegre), SHE (Évora) and on a tour mostly shared with international bands like Triptides (USA), Hickeys (Spain) and The Van Allen Belt (USA).


  • 25.04.2020 / Saturday / Porto (Ferro Bar)
  • 26.04.2020 / Sunday / Guimaraes (Oubla)
  • 30.04.2020 / Thursday / Barcelos (Platano Koberto)
  • 01.05.2020 / Friday / Viana (Cubicle)
  • 02.05.2020 / Saturday / Braga (Bazuuca)
  • 13.05.2020 / Wednesday / Porto (FAUP Fest)
  • 16.07.2020 / Thursday / Ruilhe (Rodellus)

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