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‘Grand Theft Auto V’ free to keep now on Epic Games

You can add the game to your platform library and download it free of charge, an offer that is in effect until the 21st of May.

The news had already been unveiled in advance through Twitter, but when ‘GTA V’ was released, even Epic Games’s systems didn’t seem to have held up.

Despite launching on PC five years ago, the Rockstar game has consistently remained as one of Steam’s most popular, with a still thriving, active player base. Many will already have GTA V in their library, but if you have been missing out on the action, there’s no better time to jump in than now. Besides this, there are a host of other free games to check out for the month of May, too.

GTA 5 and GTA Online have both been such massive successes it has likely pushed back GTA 6 far past when it would have come out normally (there were only 5 years between GTA 4 and 5). We are already on year 7 here, and according to reports, GTA 6 is still early in development over at Rockstar, meaning it is still several years away at the very least. And you can bet it will arrive with GTA Online 2 or whatever it’s called then.

The game has previously been a part of various deals over the years, and recently was on Xbox Game Pass until it was replaced by Red Dead Redemption 2. But this Epic Games store free week is literally that, completely free, as you don’t need a separate subscription to anything in order to access it. Just download and play.


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