“Big” Telma Monteiro – European judo champion

European Judo Championships

Tema Monteiro beat Kaja Kajzer in the -57 kg final to be played in Lisbon, but she also became the most medaled judoka ever in European Championships.

The Altice Arena, where the European Judo Championships are disputed, was the stage for another achievement of Benfica’s Judoca, a gold medal in the -57 kg category.

Against the Slovak Kaja Kajzer, in the final and 39 seconds after the start of extra time, and by ippon, which left the opponent a little bit mistreated.

Telma Monteiro is now the most medaled judoka in European Championships, with 15 medals, six gold, two silver and seven bronze.

An almost perfect first day for Portugal, which in addition to the gold medal of Telma Monteiro, also won a bronze medal by João Crisóstomo in the -66 kg category, with victory over Dzmitry Minkou.

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