‘Greetings from the Free Forests’ and ‘Earth’ win DocLisboa

Ian Soroka’s ‘Greetings from Free Forests’ and ‘Terra’ by Hiroatsu Suzuki and Rossana Torres won the top prizes at the DocLisboa’18 festival, which ended today with the screening of the film ‘Infinite Football’ by Cornelius Porumboiu.

‘Greetings from Free Forests’ by Ian Soroka won the Lisbon City Grand Prix for the best film in the international competition, worth eight thousand euros, while Hiroatsu Suzuki’s ‘Terra’ and Rossana Torres won the Doclisboa Prize for best film of the Portuguese competition, in the amount of five thousand euros.

Also in the international competition was distinguished with the Portuguese Society of Authors Prize the film ‘The Guest’, by Sebastian Weber, who also won the Ageas Seguros award for the best short film.

In the Portuguese competition they were also awarded the Kino Sound Studio ‘Pele de Luz’ award by André Guiomar, and with an honorable mention of the jury ‘Vacas e Rainhas’, by Laura Marques, who also won the Inatel Foundation award for best film related to cultural practices and traditions and to the intangible heritage of humanity.

The Prize Schools distinguished Leonor Teles ” Terra Branca ‘and in the transversal competition, the seller of the revelation award went to Ricardo Moreira’s’ Marconi ‘, while Carmen Torres’ ‘Amanhecer’ and ‘Paul is Dead’, by Antoni Collot, won honourable mentions.

It was also awarded the prize of the Public newspaper for best Portuguese film to ‘Vadio’, by Stefan Lechner.

In the category ‘Greens Years’, won ‘After the Fire’ by Ahsan Mahmood Yunus (Kask / Brussels Airlines Award), ‘To My Parents’ by Melanie Pereira (Special Prize Walla Collective) and ‘Song of the Bell’, by Hosein Jalilvand, (Doc’s Kingdom Award).

The RTP Award for best project in the post-production phase was won by Tiago Siopa’s ‘Caminho longa para casa’ and the FCSH Prize for the best project of the workshops Arché a ‘Voy ao Makonde de Moçambique’, by Catarina Alves Costa.

The Archipelago – Contemporary Arts Center awards were also presented for the best project in the writing phase of “The Beach of the Encarquilhos”, by Iván Mora Manzano, and Bienal Arte Jovem by Deborah Viegas ‘Love and Fears Strangers’.

The award-winning films of Doclisboa’18 can be seen at Cinema Ideal, on October 29, 30 and 31, in the sessions of 6:00 p.m. and 10.15 p.m.

The DocLisboa International Film Festival began on October 18 and, during ten days, presented dozens of films, making known new proposals around the documentary.

From Portuguese cinema, films such as ‘Alis Ubbo’ by Paulo Abreu and ‘Almirante Reis in 3 stages’ by Renata Sancho, both on Lisbon, ‘Terra Franca’ by Leonor Teles, and two films by Jorge Cramez : ‘Antechamber’, which integrated the international competition, and ‘Actos de Cinema’.

From foreign production, Michael Moore’s ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ on Donald Trump’s administration, Steve Sprung’s ‘The Plan’ on work, and ‘The Silence of Others’, look of Almudena Carracedo and Rovert Bahar on the victims of the Franco regime in Spain.

The festival opened with the presentation of ‘The Waldheim Waltz’ by Ruth Beckerman, and ended today with the presentation of ‘Infinite Football’ by Corneliu Porumboiu.

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