“GREGA” leads Black Spygo on the path of No Tempo Certo

The Angolan artist’s new single follows “Cara Metade”, “Control”, “No Tempo Certo” and “Tarraxinha” towards his new album.

Equipped with charms to please both Greeks and Trojans, Black Spygo has enchanted villages without borders with his music. Recognized as one of the most influential producers on the contemporary Angolan scene, he is now in an even more decisive position since he set out to publish a new solo work. No Tempo Certo is the title of his next album, which he has promised as much as the respective singles suggest. And, judging by the loose pieces, the final work will be magnanimous.

GREGA” appears as yet another advance towards an album whose title even deserved a homonymous track. Until you see, Black Spygo anticipated from the lineup “Cara Metade” (with Yara Nunes and Johnny B.O.B), “Control” (with Chelsea Dinorath and Djodje), “No Tempo Certo” (with Don Altifridi) and “Tarraxinha” (with Cef Tanzy ). A man given to collaboration, who has not only grown thanks to these intersections but has above all made those who cross paths with him grow.

In constant artistic communion with his peers, this time he establishes a connection with the famous C4 Pedro and the charming Bruna Amado in an ode to “GREGA”, a muse about which he talks with special balance, under persuasive beats and through a mixture of languages sung. In turn, each one declares themselves in an Afrobeat fashion, using the words as a decoy and the rhythm as a weapon of seduction. Everything so that, when the time is right, we fall into their song like mockingbirds in love. Shot and fall with each shot.
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