Gregorio Duvivier and Ricardo Araújo Pereira meet in Porto and Lisbon

22nd and 23rd of November in Lisbon and 29th of November in Porto

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The two greatest Portuguese-speaking humorists meet in Lisbon and Porto.


With both shows in Lisbon sold out, Gregorio Duvivier and Ricardo Araújo Pereira set up another meeting, this time in Porto. The two greatest Portuguese-speaking comedians take the stage at Teatro Sá da Bandeira on November 29, for another night of many conversations and the best humorous ping-pong.

A Portuguese and a Brazilian enter a bar… The Portuguese is Ricardo Araújo Pereira, the Brazilian is Gregorio Duvivier. Gregorio created, together with friends, Porta dos Fundos, the biggest humour channel in Brazil. Ricardo created, also with friends, Gato Fedorento, a group that Gregorio was inspired by to create Porta dos Fundos. Both write every week for Folha de São Paulo and do a political comedy program. Each format – sketch, column, comedy news – has its challenges, but they all share the same obligation: to be funny.

Ricardo and Gregorio got together and talked twice, in 2017, with great success. Videos from these meetings have surpassed one million views on YouTube. But most important: they became friends. They never saw each other again. Today they are two unique figures of humour in Portuguese and they need an excuse to get back together.


How to make humour in times of cancellation? Ricardo Araújo Pereira and Gregorio Duvivier understand this very well, as both are canceled every week. They came back to tell the story. Sometimes they try to cancel, too. But they get stuck in an endless telemarketing call. Unable to cancel an account, let alone one person. “Everything is funny as long as it happens to someone else,” says Mel Brooks. The conversation about actors will be about grace, which is the difference between grace and disgrace.

The world has changed, and it doesn’t stop changing. The mood changed along with it. But it doesn’t change the way it used to. Even that has changed. Making fun is, in fact, increasingly difficult. But nobody said it would be easy. The obstacles to making humour today make the profession even more challenging and, why not, funny.

Gregorio and Ricardo will not, however, answer questions such as: “Can you laugh at everything?” or “what’s the limit of mood”? Tired of always hearing the same questions, the two comedians decided to ask new questions, these fundamental ones: why is it that “already” is now, but “already” is soon? Why is “ahhh” yes, but “uhhh” is no? This is what matters to be discussed today. Many will say that it is very little that unites all the variants of Portuguese. The speaker pair will disagree. All variants despise the New Orthographic Agreement with equal fervour.

(Written in Brazilian Portuguese)

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