Greta criticizes politicians for failing to tackle climate change

Swedish activist Greta Thunberg criticized the Italian Senate for politicians to congratulate their initiatives on tackling climate change, but do not act, saying “nothing is being done to stop the destruction of the climate.

When I travel around the world, I often meet important people who congratulate me and, frankly, it’s strange to me because I do not know why they congratulate me,” said the 16-year-old student, now one of the most prominent voices against climate change , after having started the “climate strike” movement.

Speaking to Italian senators, who applauded her on several occasions, the activist spoke of the school strikes that she called every Friday around the world against climate change, stressing that the youths “took to the streets, but nothing has changed.

We do not want to sacrifice our education, adolescence and childhood to tell us what is in your hands. We do not want you to take selfies with me, but to act,” she criticized.

As it had already done in the European Parliament, Greta Thunberg warned that the climate change and the disasters that come from them will be irreversible in 2030 and stressed that the prognosis “is based on scientific data.

In order to avoid a “genuine emergency” at the global level, the young woman said that, in the first place, it will be necessary to be aware that it is already a reality, and insisted: “Humans adapt and this is an opportunity, we can be late.

It’s enough to want to!” He said, giving as an example the man’s trip to the moon, the reconstruction after World War II or, more recently, fund-raising for the rebuilding of Notre Dame cathedral, destroyed by fire.

She called for a “final stop” in greenhouse gas emissions, “stopping progressively to burn fossil fuels that destroy the ecosystem.

The activist stressed that, on the other hand, it will be crucial for politicians, in this mission, to “support scientists for joint combat“.

They need your understanding, but it does not seem to interest you to listen to science, because you only want to hear solutions that will allow you to continue as you have until now, but that is not possible because change is coming, like it or not,” he said.

Greta Thunberg said that “this supposed disinterest of the political class is the same in all countries,” because, “fundamentally, nothing is being done to delay and halt the destruction of the climate despite the great speeches of political leaders.

The difference is that some countries speak more than others, but the truth is that there are no models that serve as examples,” he criticized.

On Wednesday, Pope Francis encouraged the young woman to “move on.” Greta Thunberg will be present at the Friday protest of young Italians by the weather, scheduled for the People’s Square in Rome.

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