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Groove Groovin

No matter how far his travels around the world, with bass, his instrument of choice, the musician Carlos Menezes always has a marked return to the Alentejo. A native of Estremoz, he studied music in Évora and it is in this city that he currently lives. At “Artes à Rua 2019”, and supported by him, he presents his latest album, “Groove Grovin”, in a show of the same name, on August 30, at Praça do Giraldo, at 10 pm.

This album, according to a musician, has long awaited its release and can be considered an anthology. Thanks to the encouragement of Mário Lopes, adds Carlos Menezes, the album sees the light of day.

Fans of electric bass and fusion jazz, the musicians of “Groove Grovin” are those of Carlos Menezes ‘quintet, and there is also room for Rui Gonçalves’ collaborations on drums; Jean Marie on guitar and Nilon Dourado on percussion. As well as guest voices from Mara, Soukarina Fahsi, Joana Ricardo and Rui Nuno.

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