Growing surrounded by books is good for health. Science confirms

It is not enough to have them at home, of course. What the study points out are the advantages of early reading habits.

They have the bedside table with at least three or four books to read ‘already’, they are always missing a shelf there at home to store more books and for more books they have do not resist taking home another one or two that end up to be released.

The ‘evil’ is shared by many and in fact it is a habit that nothing negative brings, however much one hears the argument of ‘will you have time to read it all?’

To defend book lovers, science says yes, having books at home brings several advantages to human development. At least 80 books are the value of a study by a group of Australian sociologists who points out that those who grow up in book environments tend to develop better reading, math and digital communication skills.

Literacy is best among those for whom, since new, reading is a common habit. At the social level, there are also new features such as ease in acting in society as well as attaining personal goals.

The study’s findings were based on the responses of a sample aged 25-65 years about their reading habits and the presence of books at home at the age of 16. The same sample was exposed to brain analysis during the presentation of children’s books and questions that led each individual to recall the books of his childhood.

As a conclusion, it is pointed out that the importance is such that “growing with bookstore at home increases innumerable capacities as an adult who outweigh the benefits of certain aspects of parental education,” says the study’s author now published in Social Science Research.

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