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Grupo Impresa presents its new talent agency >ÓBVIO

Grupo Impresa presented this Wednesday, April 10th, its new talent agency OBVIO. ÓBVIO is the new business area integrated into Atelier Impresa, the department that creates and develops creative projects with partners and brands.

ÓBVIO defines itself as the most recent brand of the Impresa Group and, therefore, presents itself as “the youngest and most rebellious daughter of the family” and the most out of the box. It’s the one that’s on Instagram, on TikTok and stands out for its boldness and boldness in wanting to do something different and out of the ordinary — breaking with tradition, but remaining faithful to the values, identity and credibility that characterize the group.

This new agency will be able to work on influencer marketing strategies for television, events and activations and digital with talents from SIC and beyond. ÓBVIO intends to manage the advertising careers of its agents and work on its positioning in the market on the most diverse platforms, especially digital ones.

At the same time, Atelier Impresa, an area that ÓBVIO is part of, will continue to work in partnership and promote projects with all the national talent on the market and their representatives and agents.

The name OBVIO was not chosen at random, as explained by Mónica Serrano, Director of Marketing and Communication and Director of Atelier Impresa. “The Impresa Group has the expertise of knowing how to launch or manage the greatest talents in Portugal for over 50 years, so it is obvious that it made sense to be born. OBVIO is a Portuguese name and this is also something we are very proud of, but also what it represents: guarantee of quality and trust. ÓBVIO, there is no room for doubt.”

Grupo Impresa apresenta a sua nova agência de talentos > ÓBVIO

Madalena Belo, coordinator of ÓBVIO says: “In addition to the work we will do with our talent, ÓBVIO’s objective is to build bridges, relationships and good synergies with other agencies in the same segment for successful commercial projects.”

The ÓBVIO portfolio includes well-known SIC names such as Renato Godinho, Filipa Areosa, Marco Horácio, Pedro Granger, as well as digital content creators such as comedian Mónica Vale de Gato, YouTuber Miguel Pinto Ferreira, cooking enthusiast Gastão Reis, hockey player Ângelo Girão, Insónias em Carvão, presenter and personal trainer Inês Abrantes, radio host Renato Duarte and author and aspiring actress Diana Ginja.

This new brand from Grupo Impresa helps the group to position itself in a rapidly growing area such as influencer marketing.

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