Grupo João Portugal Ramos makes 23 million and exports to 25 countries

The João Portugal Ramos group produces six million bottles of wine per year in four regions of Portugal, and exports 60% of this production to more than 25 countries, earning 23 million euros.

With this amount of invoicing, the wine group João Portugal Ramos grew by 27% in 2018 compared to 2017, and added to its business the company of spirits Carvalho Ribeiro and Ferreira.

To reach these production and billing numbers, since 1997 we have been making improvements in our line, leveraging European funds to modernize both the wineries and the bottling lines from which all our wine brands come out,” told Administrator João Portugal Ramos.

Over the last twenty years, the group has invested more than 30 million euros to modernize.

According to the official, who did not advance market shares, the first wines exported were destined for Sweden and the Nordic countries have “a great importance” in the group.

Currently, João Portugal Ramos exports to more than 25 countries worldwide, from Asia, North America, Northern Europe, Latin America and Africa.

This is a project that started from scratch and was executed as a support for my whole family and with the help of government support that has been made available to the winegrowers and with a refusal to the bank. “In the last two years we have restructured the company in general terms,” explained the winemaker and entrepreneur.

João Portugal Ramos points out that the group he manages is in the consolidation phase and highlights the “Duorum” project, located in the Douro Demarcated Region, which has received successive international awards in terms of sustainability and environmental preservation, where there has been a considerable investment.

With these and other projects, the group is going through a phase of consolidation, given the growth or expansion of our business,” said the entrepreneur.

There was strong growth in the last decade and the bet made in the Douro in 2007 is going well, but it took a lot of time and work to reach the quality,” said the businessman.

The oenologist argued that the increase in quality of Portuguese wines has been “remarkable” and that the focus will have to go through this characteristic.

If we can produce with quality, we are on the right track, since Portuguese wines are beginning to gain more and more notoriety in the foreign market,” he said.

The wines of the João Portugal Ramos group are produced through a strategy of sustainable development on some 700 hectares of vineyards scattered throughout Alentejo, Douro, Minho and Beira Interior.

Another of the bets of the group goes through wine tourism, where it has bet on the realization of programs familiar and for groups of people.

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