Solverde Group bets on a greener and sustainable future

The Solverde Group is installing photovoltaic panels at the Hotel Solverde Spa & Wellness Center and the Hotel Casino Chaves, in a bid to contribute to preserving the environment and promoting sustainability.

As a result, Solverde estimates that it will be able to avoid the emission of more than 298 tons of CO2 per year, and directly contribute to the decarbonization of electrical consumption, which is equivalent to the planting of more than 13 thousand trees.

The entire Group feels the ecological and social responsibility it carries and intends to leave a positive mark on our planet, and therefore, all Solverde units will have these structures, except the Hotel Apartamento Solverde, which will implement strategies in terms of organization and management. to reduce energy consumption.

The energy transition to renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind, tides or the Earth’s heat is a safe and beneficial bet for everyone involved. The use of photovoltaic panels has multiple and significant ecological advantages, namely the fact that it uses an inexhaustible and sustainable resource, the sun; not hurt the environment, such as the emission of greenhouse gases, contamination of soil, water or air; and not have adverse consequences on the health of the surrounding community.

Solverde – Sociedade de Investimentos Turísticos da Costa Verde S.A. – was founded in 1972 by Manuel de Oliveira Violas. Over more than five decades of activity, Solverde has contributed unequivocally to the promotion of the country, boosting tourism and enhancing the identity and culture of the regions where it operates, through a strong commitment to the production of events and shows. , national and international, and providing unique experiences in the areas of gaming, hospitality and leisure. Solverde holds the gaming concession for the Casino Espinho, which opened in 1974, the three casinos in the Algarve – Vilamoura, Monte Gordo and Praia da Rocha, in operation since 1996, and the Casino Chaves which opened its doors in 2008. In the hotel industry, the group owns the Hotel Apartamento Solverde**** in Espinho, the Hotel Solverde Spa & Wellness Center***** in Gaia, the Hotel Algarve Casino***** in Praia da Rocha and the Hotel Casino Chaves**** in Chaves. In 2017, it launched the online gaming platform at www.solverde.pt

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