Grutera postpones edition of new album to September and launches page on Patreon

Given the current context and the fact that music is essentially a form of live expression, Grutera decided to postpone the release of the album Happened to September 11th.

This decision is mainly due to the fact that in this way it is able to accompany the release of the album with live concerts, close to everyone, although possibly with the appropriate safety distances, which will be a natural consequence of these new times.

Even so, during this period there is something new… it will launch a page on Patreon where between May and September it will share everything about this new album even before its debut for all those who want to become patrons.

On this platform, you will make weekly home videos about everything you can hear on the new album Happened – from the rehearsals, track to track of the new themes, explanation of how your writing process went, the history of each one and even some attempts at classes online of his unorthodox compositional methods, since he never had musical training or guitar lessons.

Grutera wishes everyone to remain safe, for you and for everyone!

Single “Fica entre nos”

The first single “Fica entre nos” is about complicity, a feeling that can be between two people as between people and their traditions.

This is what the video intends to show, that sometimes it is necessary to have some localism for the conservation of customs and the preservation of spaces and local people. People who are often driven from their roots by the strength of tourism and economic interests, who can have both good and bad, if there is no balance.


Born on July 3, 1991, Guilherme Efe presents himself to the world naked, bald, toothless and full of blood from his mother’s belly. At the time, I still didn’t know how to play the guitar, because I didn’t have nails, but I probably already knew that that was what I would do the rest of my life, even though I had any other activity, more or less licit, more or less noble, with which I could do more. or less money.

He starts playing in metal bands, but the headbang makes him neck pain. He discovers that playing classical guitar, in his own unorthodox way, is the simplest and easiest thing he has ever learned to do. Make music with her too. So, choose this path to achieve fame, wealth and success. Or just make music that moves you and improves a few minutes of the life of someone who listens to you.

In 2012 he recorded Palavras Gastas and joined the New Talents FNAC, an album that nowadays shames him. In 2013 he recorded O Passado Volta Semper at Mosteiro de Cós, an album that today shames him, but less than the first. In 2015 he recorded Sur Lie at Herdade do Esporão, an album that today shames him, but less than the second.

In 2020 he releases a new album, Aconteceu, a record about what happened in the last 5 years. He hopes that he doesn’t embarrass him.

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