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Guarda, Aveiro e Viseu create Eixo Cultural A25

Eixo Cultural A25 receives shows by António Zambujo, Cuca Roseta, among others, in Aveiro, Viseu and Guarda

The Municipalities of Guarda, Aveiro, and Viseu presented a new cultural project that unites them. The Eixo Cultural A25 – Creation and Programming Network gives free circulation to culture, encouraging the creation, sharing, and discovery of the heritage and creators of Aveiro, Viseu, and Guarda. The initiative was presented last Friday, in Aveiro, at a press conference and was attended by the Mayor of Guarda, Carlos Chaves Monteiro, the Mayor of Viseu, Conceição Azevedo, and the Mayor of Aveiro, Ribau Esteves.

It is an axis that runs through all cultural formats and democratically embraces the three large cities in the Centro region. That’s why this axis always leaves with the right destination along 3 routes that transport cultural content to different stages. Back and forth, from one end of the country to the other, culture never stands still. Go along the A25.

The initiatives integrated into the Eixo Cultural A25 will be carried out, mainly, outdoors, in public spaces of cultural and touristic interest, namely historical centers, monuments, parks, and historical gardens, among other places of heritage interest (cultural and natural), guaranteeing all the conditions of accessibility and sanitary safety to different audiences, taking advantage of the urban regeneration investments carried out in the territory and countering the tendency to abandon historic centers by increasing the number of visitors to cultural and natural heritage sites.

The places where these actions will take place are heritage icons and contemporary architecture, places, and spaces with heritage classification attributed with privileged locations in the context of cultural and tourist interest of regional, national and international audiences.

Finally, considering the area, capacity, and maximum capacity of each space, a detailed production plan is being developed for each of the initiatives, which will be articulated with the competent entities (civil protection and local health authority), ensuring full compliance with the public health rules that are in force at the time of the actions.

Know the complete schedule and all the necessary information here.

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