Guarda, Santarém and Bragança are the safest districts in Portugal

Securitas Direct Barometer

  • The Safety Barometer includes the list of the safest districts. The top 5 is completed by Évora (0.62%) and Viseu (0.65%), all with an incidence rate equal to and less than 0.65%.
  • Most robberies take place between one and four in the morning. Monday is the day of the week when robberies and attempted robberies occur most frequently.
  • Stores and restaurants register six out of 10 incidents in the business segment. Villas and Townhouses account for 90% of incidences in the private segment.
  • The Security Barometer is a ranking by Securitas Direct that establishes a ratio between the number of alarm and intrusion triggers recorded by the company’s Alarm Receiving Center and the number of security installations of more than 160,000 Securitas Direct customers throughout the country. parents.

Guarda, Santarém and Bragança are the three safest districts in Portugal, according to the Securitas Direct Security Barometer 2020, which assesses the safest areas of the country, taking into account the number of incidents (actual triggering of alarms and intrusions ) by District registered by the company’s Alarm Receiving Center compared to the total security installations of its more than 160 thousand customers.

According to the same barometer of the company, a leader in protecting people and small businesses, the majority of robberies and robbery attempts in 2020 took place between one and four in the morning, which represents about 29.5% of the actual incidents during this period. period of time. Monday is the day of the week where there are more incidents of this type.

Guard is the safest district
According to the Barometer, the district of Guarda is the safest, with an incidence rate of 0.36%, followed by Santarém (0.51%) and Bragança (0.52%). Completing the Top 5 are Évora (0.62%) and Viseu (0.65%).

Shops and restaurants are the businesses with more incidences
At a national level, small businesses – shops and restaurants – registered about six in 10 attempts (59%) of robbery or intrusion, while offices and companies registered 29% of incidents and industrial facilities and workshops only 12%.

Villas and townhouses represent nine out of 10 incidences in private individuals
In the private segment, houses and dwellings represent the overwhelming majority of incidences with nine out of 10 cases. Apartments represent only 10%.

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