Guardiola absolutely surrendered to Bernardo Silva: “It is him and ten more”

Manchester City coach delighted with the moment of form of the Portuguese international.

[dropcap type=”background”]P[/dropcap]ep Guardiola is a confessed adept of the qualities of Bernardo Silva. The Portuguese international returned to start in the triumph of Manchester City started on Wednesday at Everton (2-0), and at the end of the game was praised by the Spanish coach. Guardiola was asked why he left Kevin De Bruyne on the bench and responded in this way.

It’s always related to the moment and to what I feel. Of course, the capabilities are always there, but then your role is to see who is better and who you should leave out. the Bernardo out of eleven. At this moment, it is Bernardo and ten. What he has done this season, playing in the wing and coming to the middle… Every game has been perfect. Perfect ” began by saying Guardiola, proceeding with more compliments.

The decisions he makes during the game, the way he fights, what he does defensively and offensively, the way he lives the game … Every time he misses a goal chance he does that reaction [hands in the head]. It’s not that I do not trust other players or that they do not have the ability to play, but it shows me in every game that deserves to play more than the others. That’s what it is, ” said the Manchester City manager.

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