Guimarães Municipality makes tablets available to 1st cycle students

The Municipality of Guimarães provides 500 tablets that are used in educational projects for 1st cycle students who do not have technological equipment, taking into account the measures announced by the Government in the context of distance learning for the 3rd semester.

In addition to these 500 tablets that the municipality has, another 500 devices with Internet access are being purchased, to solve the problems of students who do not have the equipment or Internet access.

In this way, the issue of 1st cycle students will be resolved immediately, within the scope of Education competences in the Chamber of Guimarães. The delivery of equipment will be defined between schools and families.

In conjunction with the 2nd and 3rd cycle Basic Schools and the Secondary Schools, contacts are already underway to help solve the problems that affect students at this level of education in order to have access to the means necessary to correspond to distance learning.

Education has always been a priority for the Guimarães City Council on an equal footing for children across the country and at this point, it is even more important to ensure that no child is left out, that no child is “disconnected” from the school world and from learning.

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