Guimarães: Places to visit

Places to visit

Guimarães has many places to visit. It is a city with several historical and contemporary monuments.

We leave here a selection to visit:

– Castle of Guimarães – On the Sacred Hill

– Paços dos Duques de Bragança – Sacred Hill

– Chapel of S.Miguel – Sacred Hill

– City Wall – Avenida Alberto Sampaio

– Old Town Hall – Largo da Oliveira
– Standard of the Salado – Largo da Oliveira
– Church of the Oliveira – Largo da Oliveira

– Church of S. Francisco – Alameda de S. Dâmaso

– Church of St. Peter – Largo do Toural

– Church of S. Domingos – Rua D. João I

– Church of S. Dâmaso – Rua D. Mafalda

– Church and Convent of Dominicas – Rua Da Liberdade

– Church of the Misericordia – Rua da Rainha

– Shrine of Penha – Penha Guimarães

– Convento Santa Marinha da Costa – Largo Domingos Leite Castro

– Convent of Santa Clara – Largo Cónego José Maria Gomes

– Monastery of S. Torcato – S. Torcato

– Alberto Sampaio Museum – Rua Alfredo Guimarães

– Martins Sarmento Museum – Rua Paio Galvão

– Vila Flor Cultural Center – Av. D. Afonso Henriques

– Square of Santiago

– Rua de Santa Maria

There are other places of public interest, from the various squares of the historic center (intra-walls), the architecture of the houses … it is best to visit and draw your own conclusions.

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