Guimarães will receive Deucalion supercomputer

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Guimarães will have a Deucalion supercomputer installed in the Science and Technology Park, AvePark.

One of the objectives for the installation of this project is to maximize the use of renewable energy sources in the operation of the Deucalion supercomputer. In this sense, a sustainable energy community will be created using the Energy Efficiency Fund and the Innovation Support Fund.

The birthplace also joins the National Network for Advanced Computing with an Operational Center for the monitoring and implementation of the ACP.2030 strategy within the scope of Portugal’s involvement in European initiatives in advanced computing.

This advanced computing infrastructure will be powered exclusively by renewable energy sources, at least this is the objective of the ACP.2030 strategy for the Minho Advanced Computing Center (MACC), which poses a set of challenges, from the conception of the supercomputing system to the operational management of the computer.

The expansion of MACC and the installation of the Deucalion supercomputer is part of a medium and long-term project with the installation of an energy production unit and the subsequent creation of a Renewable Energy Community in AvePark, with the objective of achieving high degrees of sustainability. performance computing, including the use of heat emitted by the supercomputer.

This initiative aims to become a European example of the environmental sustainability of high-performance computing, uniquely combining the digital and green priorities set by the European Union.

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