Guinea-Bissau says it’s the right time for Portuguese investment

Guinean President José Mário Vaz today expressed support for Portuguese businessmen interested in investing in the country, stressing that this is the right time to invest in Guinea-Bissau.

I came here for a very simple reason, I came to give strength and courage to the businessmen of Portugal. I have a clear conscience that our country will not advance without companies, it is the companies that create wealth and the companies also create jobs. It was in this sense that I came here to give strength to this great sector that really manages to advance a country, ” said José Mário Vaz.

The Guinean president spoke to journalists after opening the second edition of the Business Fair, organized by the Business Confederation of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries (CPLP), which can be visited at a hotel in Bissau.

You have come at an exact moment because we have managed to stabilize the country, the country is stable and the country is stable what is missing at the moment is the work and who gives work are the companies. The Government of Guinea Bissau and especially the President of the Republic is open to supporting the private sector, “stressed the President, wishing good luck to entrepreneurs.

According to the vice president of the CPLP Business Confederation, Laurentino Ferreira, the fair is attended by 50 companies, of which 15 are Guineans and 35 are Portuguese.

In terms of sectors ranging from the construction sector to the technologies, that is, in the background, we have all the areas of the economy represented here,” said Laurentino Ferreira.

According to the Portuguese ambassador, António Alves de Carvalho, there is “growing interest” among Portuguese businessmen and Portuguese investment in the Guiné-Bissau market.

The diplomat also pointed out that Portuguese companies can win in Guinea-Bissau, but also with a sub-regional market of around 250 million potential customers and consumers, referring to the Economic Community of West African States, of which the country is part of it.

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